Package Reuse

We save you money by shipping your package materials back to the parts manufacturer.

  • RQS inspects and restores packaging material back to industry standards for reuse.
  • We develop a plan complete with a business case study to identify your savings opportunities.
  • We perform a reuse trial to evaluate the quality and life span of the packaging material.
  • When the data has been processed we provide a report of the trial results revealing exactly what reusable materials are in your process and the estimated annual savings to your bottom line.
  • Once the program is put into place, RQS provides monthly status reports updating your carbon footprint reduction.

The RQS Reuse Program has helped our customers save over 20,000 trees, 4.5 million gallons of water, 280,000 gallons of oil and 2,885 cubic yards of landfill space. And how does this help you? This information can be useful to attract those customers who are sensitive to green efforts by businesses. Allow us to become a strategic partner in reducing your companies’ carbon footprint while maximizing your bottom line. Contact our team today to begin your reuse program!